Tory Chaos

The Conservative Party seems to have completely lost control.  Is it time for our government to resign?

Whilst senior tory MP’s publicly battle to be Theresa May’s successor, the EEC exit is in turmoil and a total mess.  Business is suffering because of the uncertainty caused by the government internal civil war.  No-one has any idea how to solve the problem created by David Cameron,

The £ continues to be weak causing inflation to rise, the weekly food shop is costing more and more, whilst real family incomes are falling and real poverty is increasing.

The ugly poverty evidence of rough sleepers is alarmingly on the rise.  Analysis  has found that the number of homeless people in Britain will reach 575,000 2041, up from 236,000 in 2016. The number of people sleeping rough will more than quadruple from 9,100 in 2016 to 40,100.

The homelessness and housing crisis are entirely the result of Conservative Party policies since 1979, selling off social housing, blocking building of the same, replacing affordable housing with housing for super rich or investors. Mrs May and her dogma led colleagues are completely devoid of any idea or plans to solve the problem.  Perhaps more importantly they lack the will to solve, or the insight to recognise their own part in the problem.

They are starving the NHS and again failing to recognise the size or urgency of the problem THEY have created over the last 7 years.  Now it is reported they have embarked on a programme of asset stripping, selling off NHS property or land for development.  And still no sign of the will to address the NHS funding scandal or anything resembling a plan, whilst the service fails to meet more targets and waiting lists grow.

It is time for this Tory/DUP Coalition of Chaos to resign and either call a General Election or ask for Labour to form a National Government to sort out this Tory made mess.

It is high time the Tory shambles put Country before Party and drop the corrupt self serving dogma of heartless toxic toryism