Theresa May’s New Year cabinet reshuffle:

1.      Promotes the wrong person (Chris Grayling) to party chairman, and then rescinds the appointment!

2.      Appoints the intended person (Brandon Lewis) to party chairman, but then deletes all social media posts because of a spelling error!

3.      Leaves the three incompetent Brexiteers (Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis) in position because to remove them would cause a rebellion by the hard-right Tory Leave cabal (European Research Group).

4.      Tries to remove Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary, but as he’s unwilling to quit she ends up simply renaming the health ministry!

5.      Greg Clark also refused to be moved out of his role as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

6.      Promotes Claire Perry to minister of state at the department for business, energy and industrial strategy. The economic illiterate who claimed that debt and deficit are “the same thing”!

7.      Appoints David Gauke as Lord Chancellor/Justice Secretary making him the fifth person to hold the role since 2015 (including the shockingly incompetent Chris Grayling).

8.      Despite serial failure including the scandal of a £multi-billion bailout of the Virgin/Stagecoach franchise on the East Coast Mainline, Chris Grayling allowed to remain as transport minister.

9.      Tried to move one of the only vaguely competent Tory ministers (Justine Greening) from education to the DWP. Resulted in failure as Greening quit the government altogether,

10.  Inexplicably replaced Greening with Damian Hinds. The only possible explanation was this was a nod to the hard-right who want another member of the Oxford PPE old boys club in government.

11.  Searching for someone to take up the DWP role that Justine Greening refused, May decides on the detested figure of Esther McVey, Iain Duncan Smith’s callous henchwoman. The electorate booted McVey out of Wirral West in 2015 only to be handed the Tory safe seat of Tatton and a ticket back into government in 2017.

12.  The incredible thing about this shambolic reshuffle was that it was billed as Theresa May’s big chance to win some positive headlines and reassert some authority, but she’s demonstrated that she is too weak to sack incompetent ministers, but is forced by the hard-right of her own party to sack any minister showing anything close to competence.

13. As with her vain “strong and stable” unnecessary election last year, May has taken a neutral situation and turned it to her disadvantage. Her capacity for incompetence is amazing.

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