Prime Ministers Questions.

I heard Mrs May described as having “unbelievable grace and steel” by Boris Johnson this morning on radio 4. Following yesterday’s PM questions I thought unelievable brass neck and arrogance nearer to the truth.

The claims she was making in non answers to Jeremy Corbyn’s questions have given me enough material to write about for days. I lost count of the number times she claimed the Tories to be the party of low taxation. She laid claim to starting the living wage, a term produced by Loughborough University, and a re-branding of Labour’s National Minimum Wage.

And her bogus claims went on – more doctors, more nurses, more homes, more employment. In fact if the claims were true we would have little to complain about. If only…..

So for her return to answering important questions she resorts to the Harold McMillan line “You never had it so good”.

I will give some reality checks to her false claims and arrogant blustering over the next few post.


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