BREXIT – a third referendum?

Just to put the record straight to all those arguing both FOR and AGAINST a second referendum – We had a SECOND referendum in 2016!!

It seems that all or most politicions and most of the media are are committed the idea that to do anything but charge towards leaving the EU is to be undemocratic. This is normally based on the mistaken assertion that the referendum itself was democratic, despite the lies served up as facts to the voting public, an abuse of democracy in itself.

But back to numbering referendums! The first referendum (in 1975) gave a very clear result. Whilst complying with the result, the Prime Minister Harold Wilson forcefully made the valid assertion that referendum results are NOT legally binding, and not a legal part of our democratic system of government. It is simply a snapshot of opinion. Incidently that was also the UK’s first referendum ever as well as the first EU referendum.

The result on 5th June 1975 (the first EU referendum) was 67% in favour of REMAINING. Now did the brexiteers give up and respect democracy? No they did not!! They spent the following 40 years fighting their own Parties, (remember John Major describing his anti EU colleagues as “bastards”?) – arguing against EU membership and fighting for a SECOND referendum. A 40 year drip-feed of anti EU rhetoric and battle for a SECOND referendum.

The brexiteers managed to achieve only 51.9% of the vote in the second referendum, but suddenly remainers are labelled undemocratic. I would suggest that 51.9% for leaving is far less convincing, decisive and democratic than the 67% vote to remain in the FIRST referendum.

So to the Liberals and others who support a ‘second’ referendum when the real final deal is known, may I politely correct them that they are in fact calling for a THIRD referendum!!


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